First session for government officers at Ahaliyagoda AG Office

It was a challenge to teach how to make money to non-tech people.

Photo: Introduction to freelancing and how to get started.

Freelancer Development Initiative 2022

Ahaliyagoda, AG Office.

Area General Office – Ahaliyagoda, Freelancer Development Initiative 2022 hosted by ICTA — To support government officers to start their journey as a freelancer with the right mindset and skills to become successful.

Government officers into the freelancing

It’s time to promote the art of freelancing to government personnel, and it all started with the Ahaliyagoda area general office. It was a terrific session where we talked a lot about freelancing and even provided some practical lessons on how to get started.

Starting from the basics

I develop the session by analyzing and watching their reactions, as well as altering the dynamics of the lecture to a whole other phase so that they can easily comprehend it. It wasn’t easy to slow down and cover the long list of things we had to cover, but we managed to do so in order to close the session on a high note.

Interesting fact is that, I was altering the dynamics of the lecture to a whole other phase so that they can easily comprehend it.

Later, several people approached me to ask questions and to compliment and thank us for spreading awareness and educating people about the sector.

Capturing a few moments

Excited and impressed by the freelance industry and how it can benefit them to create a living out of it. It was a bit advanced program for them but they took it all in and asked a lot of questions.

A challenging session…

It was an interesting session with the government officers, and some of them struggled to even follow the simple instructions given to create a Fiverr account. But, at the end of the day, it was a fantastic awareness-raising program for them to distribute that information to the rest of the community.

There were also some natural-born and trained talents who could take their abilities to the international stage. I was impressed by them, and I’m confident they’ll find success.

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