Empowering Government Officers: A Journey into Freelancing at the District Secretariat, Colombo

Inspire government officers toward a path of independence and professional growth.

Photo: Delivering the starting speech about the right mindset and freelancing.

Freelancer Development Session

June 07th, District Secretariat – Colombo

I’m thrilled to share my incredible experience at the Freelancer Development Session. As a lecturer representing OECSL, my goal was to empower government officers with the knowledge and skills to start a freelancing career.


Recently, an exciting program was conducted at the District Secretariat in Colombo, aimed at government officers who were eager to explore the world of freelancing as a means of earning a living. It was a wonderful opportunity to guide and inspire these individuals toward a path of independence and professional growth.

How the Program Went: Teaching the Key Pillars of Freelancing

The program commenced by emphasizing the fundamental pillars of freelancing. We delved into the importance of cultivating the right mindset and developing industry awareness to build a strong foundation.

Participants were encouraged to explore subject matter knowledge and embrace continuous learning to excel in their chosen fields. We highlighted the significance of acquiring key skills along the way, nurturing both technical expertise and essential soft skills to thrive in the dynamic freelance landscape.

Capturing the Moments: A Glimpse of the Journey

During the program, we had the opportunity to capture some truly memorable moments. The photos featured here showcase the enthusiasm and dedication of the participants as they eagerly absorbed valuable insights and practical advice.

The Engaging Audience: A Vibrant Q&A Session

The program drew an audience of over 300 individuals, all highly engaged and enthusiastic about embarking on their freelance journeys. Throughout the session, they actively participated by asking thought-provoking questions and seeking guidance.

The interactive question and answer segment created an atmosphere of shared knowledge and collaboration, where everyone contributed to the collective learning experience.

Conclusion: Empowering Individuals, Enabling Success

The program at the District Secretariat, Colombo, proved to be an incredible success. We were privileged to guide and support a diverse group of individuals, equipping them with a deeper understanding of freelancing and the tools needed to excel. Witnessing their newfound enthusiasm and determination was truly inspiring. As they continue their freelance journeys, we have no doubt they will make a significant impact in their chosen fields.

Remember, freelancing is not just a job; it’s a mindset, a lifestyle, and an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Embrace it with passion, dedication, and a thirst for knowledge, and you’ll unlock a world of endless possibilities.

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