Traveling across the entire country to a workshop in Polonnaruwa

You’ll never feel tired of doing what you are most passionate about.

Photo: Delivering the starting speech about the mindset.

Freelancer Development Initiative 2022

Dimbulagala, Polonnaruwa

ITDLH Dimbulagala, Polonnaruwa, Freelancer Development Initiative 2022 hosted by ICTA join hands with Educational Ministry — To support individuals to start their journey as a freelancer with the right mindset and skills to become successful.

The Story: Almost a Trip to Polonnaruwa

Dimbulagala, Polonnaruwa is by far the most distance I traveled to conduct a session. We had to travel on the 6th in the night and stayed in Polonnaruwa in order to attend the program on the 7th morning.

It all made super easy and

We were joined by our beloved Amila Gunawardana, a special local guest from the town, who joined us for the event. It was really a seamless and fascinating session with his assistance, making it one of the best sessions I’ve had recently. The audience never lost interest and stayed with us the entire session thanks to a blend of knowledge and experience as well as real-life stories. We were able to provide them an introduction to freelancing and how to get started.

It was really a seamless and fascinating session with Amila’s assistance, making it one of the best sessions I’ve had recently.

Later, we returned to Colombo on the same day because I had a lot of work to do the next day. However, on the way back, we all had great discussions and stopped at a gas station for a quick welcome snack. yes, the back story of that is to discuss on another day. 😀

Capturing a few moments

A funny story is that we were trapped inside the lecture hall due to a problem with the door lock. It was quite amusing, and we all laughed until we had to completely remove the door to get out.

Tired? Yes, Happy? Absolutely.

Yes, traveling that far is not an easy task at all, and returning on the same day is even more difficult. Overall, when we look back at what we’ve done, we prefer happiness to tiredness. It was a fantastic and fascinating session.

That’s why I always say, “If you do something you love, you’ll never get tired.” This session was an excellent example.

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