Time to go back to the roots? This time it’s my hometown: Matara.

It was never about what we had to say, but what they wanted to know.

Photo: Getting Ready for the starting session of the workshop

Freelancer Development Initiative 2022


Zonal Education Office – Matara, Freelancer Development Initiative 2022 hosted by ICTA join hands with Educational Ministry — To support individuals to start their journey as a freelancer with the right mindset and skills to become successful.

The Story: Going back to my roots.

Yes, going to Matara and conducting a session there is a special occasion for me. It’s my hometown, and I was humbled to be able to speak to my brothers and sisters. They were all inspired by the story, and I hope they will surpass me one day.

The engagement is at another level.

I have done several sessions under the ICTA Freelancer Development Initiative and this program has to be the most engaging and collaborative one by a large margin. Everyone in the audience was so actively engaging, asking questions and clarifying things. It was so rare to see that because in other sessions we had, I couldn’t get the audience involved as much as we had in this session. It’s so good to see that they are actually committed and hungry to learn.

Unlike other sessions we had, everyone in the Matara audience was so actively engaging, asking questions and clarifying things.

Later, we went to the beach nearby to take some photos and collect some memories for us. It was an amazing session and we had a lot of fun and satisfaction by way the audience engaged with us.

Capturing a few moments

I wish I could’ve videotaped the whole program as there was an amazing response to almost every slide and we discussed a lot of strategies, the mindset, and the industry.

Successful session indeed.

As usual, it was a success and we answered all the questions and provide them with a clear introduction to freelancing.

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