Speaking to a knowledgeable audience in VTA – Narahenpita was fascinating

It’s never about what you have but what you can do with what you have.

Photo: Talking about the importance of identifying skills and discovering yourself.

Freelancer Development Initiative 2022

Nipunatha Piyasa, Narahenpita

VTA aka “Nipunatha Piyasa”, Narahenpita, Freelancer Development Initiative 2022 hosted by ICTA join hands with Educational Ministry — To support individuals to start their journey as a freelancer with the right mindset and skills to become successful.

Guidance is needed for a skillful audience.

It was a challenge on its own. Because speaking to a knowledgeable and skilled audience is always a challenging task, and you must be at the top of your ability to ensure that they understand your presentation. To keep the audience engaged and to drop value bombs, I use proficient yet streamlined vocabulary to make it a special one.

Creating a dialogue

It was always a good idea to establish rapport with them before speaking to them so that they’d participate in my conversation. It was a challenging task, but after a few minutes, I was able to get their interest and continue the presentation. They asked a lot of skill-specific questions, which gave me a fantastic opportunity to give them the clarity they needed to get started.

They asked a lot of skill-specific questions, which provided an excellent opportunity to provide them with the clarity they required to get started.

They requested my presentation and made a video of it to share with anyone who required theoretical support. The video they created can be found at this link.

Capturing a few moments

The event was well-organized, and the presentation hall was a unique auditorium with beautiful presentation screens on both sides. It was great to see a video production team as well as a photographer covering the entire event.

Successful session indeed.

They all gathered after the session to ask detailed questions, and there were quite a few individuals who are already successful working freelance and asked even specialized questions. I’ve already provided them with my personal numbers in order to assist them individually with some specific deep factors.

Even as I write this blog, I’ve received numerous messages from event participants with complex questions. It’s wonderful to see that I was able to motivate them to do what they enjoy.

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