Speaking in a physical live session for the first time in Sri Lanka


“Discover you” is the hardest thing to do in our life

Photo: A group photo of the event organizers and speakers

Discover Yourself Young Entrepreneurs Startup Conference

Today at the Lighthouse Auditorium & Lawns I had one of the best experiences in my life which is to speak in front of my largest audience so far. Also, it was my first delivering a speech at a public event in Sri Lanka.

It’s all about transitioning from a freelancer to the next level

The event talks about “How to discover yourself?” and It was an ideal opportunity for lots of young freelancers and entrepreneurs to get to know about the industry and what are the opportunities.

The Story: How it happened?

I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by a company called Weird Crowd. I was on vacation in Sri Lanka, so time was of the essence, especially given the workshops and events I had already planned. Nonetheless, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put my industry knowledge and experiences to use in assisting Sri Lankan freelancers, business owners, and inspiring entrepreneurs.

I believe in helping people and sharing the knowledge as we’re in the information era and no knowledge is secret to anyone.

Charith Weerasooriya

Topics that I’ve covered

In my speech, I could help them in recognizing the value creation and exchange process, as well as how they should market themselves and achieve the desired value. Furthermore, I explained the IKIGAI concept and how it could help them discover themselves while making money doing what they love.

Capturing a few moments

There were around three hundred people in the audience.

Back Story

I absolutely loved the speech the same way the audience did since it was one of my greatest physical live speeches.

There was about 300+ audience listening to me and I felt so happy. It was so exciting that I never felt nervous or afraid on stage, which is undoubted because I love giving speeches and sharing my knowledge with others to help them accomplish whatever they dream of.

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